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Just back from a hideously early physio appointment. Drove myself there and back, which is a first in a while! Emma was pleased with me and my progress, I walked up and down the physio gym, did some steps up and down, some strength tests and some showing I can do the exercises still. Then Emma said, "I don't think you need any more appointments with me. I'll write to Mr Calder to tell him I've discharged you."

I'm absolutely blown away that she is so confident in my leg that she doesn't need to see it again. Totally over the moon today. I just have to make sure I keep doing the exercises and concentrating on my gait when walking so I don't get into bad habits.

After my appointment I popped into the fundraising office and picked up my Buttercup Walk t-shirt (at least I have the right size!). They'd arrived yesterday apparently, so it was excellent timing. Rosie, who is the head of fundraising, also gave me some flyers to put up, so I can take those with me when I take my poster to the swimming pool later.

I think we'll open a bottle of bubbly tonight.


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