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Contrary to what you might think, 'Walk Without Crutches Day' is not the same day as the Buttercup Walk. In fact, 'Walk Without Crutches Day' is this Sunday. This is because Sunday is my birthday. When I started physio, this was always my aim, to be able to walk without crutches at nearly all times by my birthday.

To this end, I've been trying to go swimming to do my hydrotherapy stuff three times a week (sometimes this hasn't happened because of ear infections), and the Fitocracy thing is working quite well. I've got to be more strict with my daily exercises, which have been less than daily recently. I also walk around the house without my crutches with few problems, though it is a bit more difficult first thing of a morning and last thing at night.

I have a new car! This means driving! And also wider job search area! I had a job interview but didn't get the job, which was disappointing at the time but actually probably for the best.

Finally, don't forget that you can sponsor me to do the Buttercup Walk here - I'm already 75% of the way to my £500 target, but the date is creeping ever closer and I want to smash through that £500 and get as high an amount as possible!


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