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Started physio properly yesterday. I actually really enjoyed it. It was hard work in the hydrotherapy pool with Anna, I did a lot of walking up and down, stood on my right leg to work on balancing, did some sort-of squats (I have to bend my foot to do squats as I can't bend my ankle) and some more walking up and down. Then I saw Emma for some manipulation and help with exercises. She is very pleased with my knee-bending, and foot-moving.

I asked Emma if she thought I'd be able to do the Buttercup Walk this year and she thought it was definitely achievable! I'm really excited about it! I'm going to contact the fundraising office to find out if they have a date yet and if they have a way of doing online sponsoring that isn't JustGiving.

So next week I'll be back again but will have the sessions the other way around, I'm not sure if that will be better or not but that's the way it has to be. I'm feeling more mobile but having trouble with my forearms so long distance crutching is still out. Sewing stuff has been going really well too, hoorah!


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