Nov. 11th, 2011 09:20 pm
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I went to see an osteopath today. I've seen osteopaths before and not really been convinced, but this chap has also treated both my parents and my sister very effectively and efficiently so I thought I might as well have a go. I should like them as I am a terrific knuckle and wrist clicker, much to my family's annoyance (it hurts if I don't do it), and mostly they click bones!

He had a look at my back and pointed out that the left side is "how it should look" and the right side "isn't" (it's more inflamed, I think, I couldn't see. Obviously.). So, on the table, he made most of my thoracic spine go crunch and tried to work some of the inflamed area. He also manipulated my right foot extremely gently which was excruciatingly painful to try to open the joints in there (mostly the tarsals that are the stuck) and managed to make one of them click very gently! Then he showed me the amount he'd been manipulating the right foot by doing exactly the same on my left foot and it was like being tickled. Oh well. He then checked my knees and hips ("best hips I've seen all week") and finally my neck which it turns out didn't need that awful sterotypical clicking thing, thank goodness. He then pronounced my neck and hips to be lovely (!) and that was that. He didn't say I would need to go back again next week or at all, but gave Mum some tips on gentle movements she can do with my right foot like he had been doing.

So there you go. Other than that, the weight-bearing is going ok, I'm trying to put more weight through as I walk but finding that sometimes I can stand on two legs quite well I just have to be careful not to lean forward too far. I can see an improvement since last week, which is encouraging.


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