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Dec. 15th, 2010 01:48 pm
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Another fortnight, another clinic! This is mostly cross-posted from a note written on Facebook!

We arrived horrendously early (07.20am) but xray was good as it was done on the new machine where they move the bed rather than the patient, which I like very much! I was first in with Mr Calder, who has a cold but was otherwise in good spirits. There's 1.7cm ish to go, so this week of turning will take it to 1cm to go and then he said to relax, enjoy Christmas, have a few glasses of wine because I've deserved it.

He's decided not to have a clinic the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year, so I'll see him next just before the op. In the op he's going to re-align the foot sideways and also backwards and shave off the ends of bones and "maybe" take bone from the iliac crest (hip), he didn't sound certain on that. After discharging from hospital following that, he said I might have to go to Bolsover Street for follow-up because of meetings etc but we'll find out in the new year I think.

Overall, really positive, the bone regenerate is looking great. I kind of pointed at it and said, "It's a bit mis-shapen..." and he immediately replied, "Oh, stop moaning!" with a grin. He said it's ok and that it's because of the travel and it'll be fine soon when we've finished turnings.

Nearly there! Can't wait to be finished with turning. It's only a week and then I can really really. At least until after the next op, that is. There might be some more turning after that, to force the travelling bone onto the talus properly, in a crunching manner. Nice.
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