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This weekend is the Empire £30 Costume Challenge. I'm not going to be playing this LRP game as a character, as I'll be there as a first aider. But I thought it'd be fun to have a go at this costume challenge anyway.

I didn't start off with any idea of a character in mind (still don't, in fact), I just wanted to make a set of 'generic' LRP kit that wouldn't be out of place at Empire. So today I went to Burleigh Street and trailed round the charity shops, with an aim to stick to something like The Marches, Varushka or Wintermark. Let's see how I did.

That comes to a cool £19.94! I'm pleased I managed to stay under £20, it gives me an extra £10 to play with in case I decide there's something missing from the outfit (a bit of headgear wouldn't go amiss, for example).

First up, I've been trying to re-plait the belt. It's a belt from Fat Face, and I know it should be plaited because I am wearing one almost exactly like it but thinner right now. It's a bit frustrating, I'm not 100% on how to fix it in place! But it's a good little puzzle to play with on a cold afternoon.

There's more to follow, but I got distracted with reading stuff and listening to music on YouTube! Whoops!

20.i.13 Right, I've tried everything on, wrote up the rest of the post and then accidentally refreshed the page and lost all the things I'd written! Doh!

Here's what it looks like, please excuse the not-impressed look.

The belt is not the one I got yesterday, I've not yet made the braiding stick, but you get the idea.

Next thing is a head covering, something sheepy probably, and possibly strapping for trousers from knees down, but realistically neither of these things will happen this weekend. If I were actually playing Empire, I'd be swapping the shirt out for a proper tunic quite quickly.

Here ends Freddie's attempt at kit! :)
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