freddiefraggles: (chicks dig scars)
Miss Freddie ([personal profile] freddiefraggles) wrote2011-08-10 09:14 pm

Clinic & X-ray

I had a new x-ray taken today. Look, a snazzy photo of it.

Left is x-ray from May, right is x-ray from today.

Looks more blurry in the regenerating area, which is more bone cells. No real corteces though, so going back in 4 weeks for another x-ray with a view to deciding how much of the frame is coming off within a week of that appointment. I think the top half should stay on because it doesn't look like it's ready. It's like roasting a joint of meat, after a while you take the tinfoil away to finish it off. So, yeah. Positive outcome today, I think.

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