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Rather a protracted clinic visit today. Firstly, the lady doing checking in wasn't sure if I'd had the x-ray request. Obviously, six weeks ago, I had watched Mr Calder sending the request through the system so I was having none of that. Secondly, Mr Calder arrived late and I had to wait to go in second after a girl a year younger than me called Clare who had had a small (single strut) frame put on her femur to lengthen it only four or six weeks ago. She is still in the "aaaaaargh why does it hurt so much???" stage. I was happy to be able to tell her it gets better. Also bumped into the Jackson Burrows ward manager, Craig, who has been promoted and is now admissions and bed manager for the hospital. He started in the new job on Monday and said he's embarrassed to put his glass recycling bin out because of how much he's been drinking this week already - clearly it's a busy and stressful role!

I was first into and out of x-ray, as ever. Mr Calder still thinks I'm brilliant and that I'm doing brilliantly. He thinks the fusion is going very well but that the regenerate is being slow but that this was nothing to worry about. He thought the pins looked immaculate and not to let myself (or Mum) be bothered about infections, they will happen and when they do just start the flucloxacillin. He said that at my next appointment in six weeks he is going to decide if he wants to send me for a CT scan to see if the ankle is completely fused and if it is then book me in for surgery to remove the distal (lower) half of the frame entirely, adding a large pin for stability. This would enable me to put a shoe on my foot (!) and thus start more weight-bearing which stimulates the regenerate more.

Here's the x-ray from six weeks ago and the x-ray from today of the regenerate side by side:

I will mention at this point that there is one digital x-ray picture machine and today I did not have my pictures taken on it. I'm afraid it is painfully obvious how much of a difference it makes - today's picture is rather woolly.

After clinic Mum and I trundled up to the orthotics department, which was a first. Of course, with this new development of possible distal frame removal, the rocker bottom would become superfluous but still worth having the shoe built up for in the meantime. Margaret did the measuring and will post the shoe to me to arrive next week sometime.

On the way home we stopped to visit a lady who was in the bed next to me on Jackson Burrows Ward, Margaret, she lives in Welwyn Garden City. She's lovely and fed us enough food for twelve people rather than the three that we were. It reminded me of having lunch with my maternal grandmother, everything had a little plate and there was little cubes of butter and soup and rolls and almost like having a picnic at the table. She'd even made chicken liver pate and carrot and coriander soup (both of which were delicious).

In the meantime, my sister and her family have moved out of our parents' home to live in a rented house while they're doing work to their own home. It is much quieter and calmer here this afternoon, probably due to the lack of children running around! We'll miss them, I'm sure. Well, we won't miss being woken up at six in the morning by Niece One's shouting setting off Niece Two crying. But still.
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