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Wednesday was clinic day! Sort of mixed though, to be honest. Mr Calder was pleased with how well I was doing, he seems amazed every time I see him at how healthy I look considering what he's putting me through. However, I'm having to go back seven days of turning and then forwards again to stimulate the bone cells to get going a bit better. This adds fourteen days to the program, so the end day will be December 21st, unless he wants me to do it again. It's a little bit disappointing really but if it helps it, then good! I'm pencilled in for the next operation, which will be (prepping for?) the bone graft, on January 6th.

I'm finding the painkillers better now that I've sorted out which works better for me. Tramadol has been stopped entirely and I have a huge repeat prescription from my GP for dihydracodeine and paracetamol. The only problem is all the pills have the effect of making me a lot more forgetful than usual and I get confused with simple tasks much too quickly. My memory isn't fantastic as it is but it's certainly got worse. As such I'm trying to make sure I take precautions with always writing down when I take the pills so as to avoid accidental overdose and I'm going to start carrying around a little notebook and pencil to write down anything important that needs remembering.

pill box

on 2010-11-19 08:13 pm (UTC)
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could you get one of those pill boxes with the day/time on them? Then you know you've taken your 10am pill because it is no longer in the box iyswim.


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