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I had the pre-op appointment a couple of weeks ago. It went ok, really. They took bodily fluids and only made me slightly ill while taking my blood out. Nothing else really to report I think, I had a markedly good day this week when I walked without limping for quite a while and then I sat down and it went downhill from there, but I was pleased with the morning. I've a bit more stuff to do before the op but it will all be fun stuff.

It's two weeks today.

on 2010-09-15 11:09 am (UTC)
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Query: after the op, how mobile will you be? Obviously I know you will have your leg in a cage, but I have had a look back and you don't mention the implications for day-to-day movement. Will you be able to walk? bend over? leave the house? other stuff?

(I ask because the urge may come over me to send you amusing stuff to cheer you up, and I obviously don't want to send you e.g. yummy biscuit recipe if you won't be able to get at the oven. Or stuff like that.)


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