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Sorry. I should've posted this when it arrived. I've had the letter back from clinic, so without further ado:
I reviewed Ms F once more in clinic today. It is now 19 months since we removed the frame following bone transport of her right tibia and tibiotalar fusion.

She does get occasional discomfort especially over the ankle region. She is however walking without need of aids and is able to cycle.

Clinically the wounds have healed beautifully. The fusion is solid. There is no discomfort over the mid tarsal region.

X-ray shows that the regenerate is now fully consolidated and remodeled. The fusion also appears to be solid.

I therefore feel that she may well develop more discomfort in her foot due to transfer forces in the future. At this stage I am happy to discharge back to your care but obviously would be delighted to see her again in the future if there is any concern.

With kind regards
Mr Peter Calder
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
So, yeah. I've been discharged from RNOH. I'm still coming to terms with that, having been under their care for... half of my life.

I'll do another post with x-rays and analysis at some point, when the disc arrives with the images on. In the meantime, here is the photo I took of the x-ray when I was at clinic:

Nice, eh? :)


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