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So, it's been a while, sorry. Turns out my life suddenly went into overdrive!

About a month ago I started work again, after over two years off, and after about 6 weeks on JSA (that was a complete nightmare, glad I'm rid of it!). Luckily, it hasn't been too much of a shock to the system yet, though much more of the 80-miles-a-day commute and I think I will have to sleep all weekend to get enough rest.

I've taken on some temp work at the University of Cambridge, and it's going well. I'm taking a weekly evening class at the local regional college, in Medical Terminology - not quite given up on being a Medical Secretary yet! I'm also singing three times a week in one of the college choirs, and should be moving into a little flat with a friend in a couple of weeks' time. Then I will get a new bike and zoom around Cambridge being awesome! Yay!

I'm beginning to notice twinges in my left leg, as if it's waited until after the right one has been fixed to start acting up. My back hurts quite a lot too, and I've started to get headaches (which I've not had in a couple of years). All of this can be attributed, I am sure, to: driving a lot, driving a lot in the dark, desk-hopping (I don't have my own desk/computer), office lighting. I'm going to make an optician appointment soon, just to rule out needing glasses, but I don't think my eyes have changed at all since the last test.

All in all, I am BUSY! And that's how it should be.


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