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Went to hospital today and came back today. I have a plaster cast now. The frame is in a bag in my bedroom. When I was weighed pre-op on the ward (Jackson Burrows again, different bed) I was 83.2kg with frame, and Mum said I was 85kg before the first op so that's quite a result. The leg's feeling different. I can't say it feels better because my heel is hurting quite a bit. I think Mr Calder had a dig and scrape because it was that pin that was infected.

I returned to my sister and two nieces and a huge bunch of flowers, which was lovely. And also the letter from the last clinic I went to, bizarrely! Here it is:
I reviewed Ms F in clinic once more. X-ray today shows not a great improvement in the tibial regenerate from those taken a month ago. There is some thickening of the posterior cortex and early beginnings of a lateral and medial cortex. There is some remodelling of an anterior defect in the middle of the regenerate.

She is a little frustrated with the recurrent pin site infections. Following discussion therefore we have agreed to admit Ms F on 22nd September for loosening of the frame and examination of the regenerate under image intensifier. If the regenerate is reasonably solid then to consider removal of the frame and application of a sarmiento weight bearing plaster [this goes from my knee to my toes while allowing knee flex]. She will go home the same day. She should be admitted starved from midnight the night before.

She will then be in this plaster for approximately 6 weeks followed by a further x-ray. If there is any concern with the regenerate at that stage we may well convert to a gaiter splint [removable support that allows the patient to wear a shoe but also have baths].

We will keep you informed of progress.

With kind regards
Mr Peter Calder
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
He was so lovely today, really kind. Couldn't believe it was exactly a year since he put the frame on and said that it was in pristine condition - obviously he sees a lot that are either battered or disgustingly dirty (not sure how you could manage either, but there you go).

I am going to go and have some dihydracodeine and go to bed.
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