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Another appointment, another letter.
Ms F continues to do well following bone transport of approximately 8.5 cm to fill distal tibial defect and create a tibiotalar fusion.

X-rays [o]f the ankle shows [sic] that the fusion is incorporating well. No further displacement.

X-ray of the tibia shows the regenerate is consolidating albeit slowly. The anterior cortex is yet to start forming.

Plan - Continued with current regime especially trying to obtain full extension of knee. To be seen again in 6 weeks time with further x-rays. At that time possibly to consider a CT scan of the ankle to see if there has been full fusion because we may be able to consider destabilising the distal part of the frame to allow better mobility.

We will keep you informed of progress.

With kind regards

Mr Peter Calder
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
The full extension of knee is coming along very well now I have my enormous shoe (which arrived the day after going to orthotics!) to compensate the rocker bottom and in fact, even without using the shoe it allows me to put my right leg to the floor and stretch out much easier than when there was no rocker bottom. So, even though I really hate it and I hate how it affects my mood, it is obviously worth it and making a difference.

And it may be that he takes the bottom half of the frame off but realistically I don't think he will. But he might. Who knows.


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