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Everyone has different energy levels and different ways of measuring their energy levels. My method of choice is The Spoon Theory, wherein the author uses spoons to describe the effect Lupus has on her to her friend. It can be applied to other illnesses, I think. I have a certain amount of spoons to use or save up every day, sometimes there's surplus and sometimes there's nowhere near enough. Spoons are affected by mood, how much I've slept the night before, what I've eaten and when, how much pain there is and if it's just an ache or sharp... in short, everything affects spoons. Recently I've felt I've been lower on spoons than usual, even with the frame on. Growing bones is obviously something that takes extra spoons to add to the ones I have to get through the day with.

On a slightly different topic, I've been trying to think up ways to build up my upper body muscles more to ease the crutching around. I'd like to start with wrists and pectorals as they seem to be my weaker points. Biceps / triceps are pretty solid already but I'd appreciate any tips for the others. I seem to remember squeezing a tennis ball is meant to be good for strengthening wrists. Thanks in advance!

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For wrist exercises, I found the 'gyro ball' ( to be an extremely geeky toy to do it with. The rotation of your hand pumps dynamos attached to the spindle of a gyroscope, keeping the whole thing in motion and giving you visual feedback in the form of LEDs on the rim. It can be used for steadily increasing resistance training as well as non-impact flexibility and endurance.

In terms of pectoral exercises, supine dumbbell flyes ( are good specifically for the pectorals, as long as you are comfortable with your knees bent (knees can alternatively be raised, with feet resting on the same surface you're lying on, unlike the animated gif in the link)


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