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After four weeks of waiting, went to the clinic today. Mum and I arrived at about 7.30am to find the car park outside outpatients had been re-painted so that only blue-badge holders could park there, unfortunately for us. I don't qualify for a blue badge, so she dropped me off, parked somewhere else and brought the wheelchair up. Then we started the queue at the reception desk and had breakfast while waiting. Booked in and straight to the xray department where I was the first in at 8.30am. Back up the slope to outpatients where I went straight into Mr Calder's office even before his computer was on. We chatted about the infection (which has now gone) and the swelling (which has not) and about how a couple of the struts are spinning freely (they don't need tightening, they just don't have any tension on them) then looked at the xrays. He's very pleased with the regenerate at the top of the tibia, it's looking really good on the xray (no, I didn't take a photo) and also the ankle looks like it's knitting together which is brilliant. He pointed out the wire at the middle pin is bowing slightly inside my leg and bone because it's under a lot of pressure and tension and that might have been another factor for the infection. I'll be back again to see him at clinic in six weeks.

After that we sat around and waited for a chap called Barry. Barry is the handyman who sharpens the re-usable medical tools and also makes things. He has made a thing for on the underneath of my frame called a rocker bottom. Now, this I have taken a photo of:

Basically this will help me start reminding my muscles how to walk. It's about two and a half inches from floor to foot and I had to leave my shoe at Mary's office for her to take to Orthotics for them to put a block on it so when my leg is properly straightened again it'll make it possible to actually walk. I'll have to make the crutches taller!

Luckily the rocker bottom can be removed using a pair of spanners, so if I go out and it gets dirty then it can be taken off instead of getting mud in my bed. It does add quite a weight as well so having the possiblity of taking it off it good.

All in all, a successful, if rather long, day.
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