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On Thursday, it became apparent that one of my pin sites had got itself infected. The area around the middle ring pins had been feeling much more painful than usual for a couple of days and I'd had to step up the painkillers to try and cope with it (not particularly successfully, I might add). I'm really not sure if it could have been caught earlier, having not had an infection yet I didn't really know what I needed to be looking out for or what I might expect to feel even. There was a slightly panicky phone call to Mary the clinic nurse specialist, she was, unsurprisingly, supportive and did try to calm me down. I think it mostly worked but I spent about 18 hours worrying about whether I'd be okay to travel for the weekend as I'd previously arranged.

As it is, a few days, quite a lot of antibiotics and hundreds of miles later, the pain is pretty much gone, the oozing has almost stopped and the skin temperature is much reduced. It's still really quite swollen though, so I've emailed Mary to ask if she or the registrar want to see me before the clinic I'm booked in for. At least I now know what an infection feels like (ironically, it makes it feel like I have pins and wires in my leg!).

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One of my new piercings is a bit oozy at the moment. I imagine your infection to feel like this times about a thousand...

* hug *


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